About Bruce Hill

I was born in 1941 to missionary parents to Korea.  I have been married to one good woman for 50 years and am the father of 5 and the grandfather of 10 and counting.  I have also been a foster dad to around 20 young people over the years.

I have worked as an architectural draftsman, missionary with Native Americans, preacher, youth ranch houseparent, carpenter, cabinet maker, school bus driver, and wanna be cow puncher.

I have lived in the Whitewater Montana community since 1982.

I became interested in art and Native American culture at an early age and later addd early American history to my interests among other things.  Most of my art and craft work is centered around Native American and Western themes.  I work mainly in Pen and Ink, Pastels, and Watercolor.

I attribute what talents and abilities, with gratitude, to the Grace of God and good genes.  I hope you enjoy my work.  Thank you for coming.

Bruce Hill